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SAP Business Technology Platform is an open platform as a service (PaaS) that provides in-memory
capabilities, core platform services, and unique microservices for building and extending intelligent,
mobile cloud applications. The platform is designed to accelerate digital transformation by helping
to quickly, easily and economically develop exactly the application that is needed – without investing
in local infrastructure.Based on open standards, the SAP Business Technology Platform offers
complete flexibility and control over the choice of clouds, frameworks and applications. We are the finest training institute that gives SAP BTP Course for certification.

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SAP Business Technology Cloud Platform (Development & Security ) - SAP BTP Course Overview

  • SAP Cloud Platform, Introduction
  • Platform Concepts
  • Development of microservices using Java, Node JS
  • Understand Cloud Application Programming Model – CAPM
  • Build Extension in Business Technology platform using s4 cloud sdk

This course is designed for you to understand what it is and why as a customer or partner someone will go for SAP® BTP. So, accordingly as a Developer, Manager, Architect, or Sales Person, you can position yourself in this fast-growing market

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Java and Node JS
  • Basic understanding of SAP

Mentors Pool follows a rigorous certification process. To become a SAP BTP Certified , you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Online Instructor-led Course:
  1. Successful completion of all projects, which will be evaluated by trainers
  2. Scoring a minimum of 60 percent in the SAP BTP Certified quiz conducted by Mentors Pool

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together intelligent enterprise applications with database and data management, analytics, integration and extension capabilities into one platform for both cloud and hybrid environments, including hundreds of pre-built integrations for SAP and third-party applications.

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The average salary of SAP BTP Consultant for this role is $97,632 – $134,699


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  • 1:1 Doubt Resolution Sessions
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  • Flexible Schedule
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25th Aug
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Sat-Sun ( Weekend Class )
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7:00 PM – 10:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30)

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

EMI Option Available with different credit cards


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Course Content

SAP Business Technology Cloud Platform (Development & Security ) - SAP BTP Course Content

  • What is SAP BTP
  • Definition of SAP BTP and motivation
  • Developer persona
  • What is SAP CF
  • SAP CF Architecture and services
  • What is environment available in BTP
    o ABAP on Cloud
    o KYMA
    o Cloud Foundry
    o Others
  • Understanding Cloud Foundry
  • Why Cloud Foundry
  • Understanding Global Account, Subaccount, Org, Space, Region
  • Understanding BTP Services
  • BTP Portfolio
    • Set up Cloud Foundry Account
    • Set up BTP Trail Account

• What is Microservices
• Why we need Microservices
• Industry shift towards Microservices
• What is Business Application Studio BAS
• Configuring BAS
• Why BAS

• What is Multi-Target Application MTA
• Modules in MTA
• Basics of UI5
• Understanding of xs-app.json File
• Understanding of xs-seurity.json file
• Understanding UI5.yaml file
• Understanding Approuter and its types
o Standalone Approuter
o Managed Approuter

• Understanding MTA.Yaml File
• Understanding JWT Token
• Deploying Application on CF Environment
• Understanding Main Services on BTP
o Application Logging Services
o Authorization and Trust management XSUAA
o HTML5 Application Repository
o PostgreSQL, Hyper scalar
o SAP HANA Cloud
o SAP Hana Schema and HDI Containers
o Connectivity
o Destination

• What is Node.js
• Understanding Node.js
• Functions in Node JS
• Command in Node JS
• Node package Manager
• Role of Node JS in BTP
• Set up Visual Studio for Node JS
• Understand express module in Node.JS

• Setting up express project
• Adding express dependency
• Service express based API
• Service static content using express
• Understanding challenges and security
• Using passport module for JWT token parsing
• Why approuter is Node Module
• Redirection of microservices using Approuter

• What is CAPM
• Why CAPM
• Understanding CDS based Development Model
• Command in CDS
• Dependencies in CAPM Applications
• Create first CAPM services and implementation

• Create first DB table using CAPM and Deploy
• Understood namespace concept for creating objects
• create context and table entity
• Install SQLite DB in local machine
• VS code to develop DB table

•CSV import for data – Real time EPM use case.
• Connect to DB, install sqlite command line @sqlite3 DB
• cds deploy command
• Connect and test DB object.
• Reusable types in CDS and using Clause
• Translation of texts with CDS Text Table and Language Keys

• Create first OData service
• V4 Services with CAPM CDS
• Experience the fiori preview of the app
• Working with CDS abstract entity
• Test Your service locally using POSTMAN –
• Association & exposed Association in CDS Views
• Introducing BAS Business Application Studio
• Create DEV space

• Adding data actions and implementation
• Adding hook methods for entity after READ
• Create entity function
• CDS transactions to enable Draft and CRUD Functionality in Fiori
• Create custom functions in CDS
• What is transaction in cds?
• Understanding documentation

• Why Fiori Elements
• Difference between Fiori Element v/s Freestyle App
• Introduction to Fiori Elements
• Setup basic project
• CAPM Based Development
• Explain scenario – Configure list report with search fields and tables
• Understand @UI.selection field and @UI.lineItem annotations in Fiori Elements

• Extend annotations cds to create object page @UI.Facets and @UI.Identificaion
• create object page with facets and field groups with @UI.FieldGroup
• Configure navigation from list report to object page
• Value helps in Fiori applications – F4 Helps
• Layout of Fiori Elements
• Implementing deep inserts with item data

• Understanding mta build command time tool
• Understanding HDI Containers
• Use of mta.yaml in app
• Building mtar_archieve file
• Deploy app to cloud foundry
• Understanding Security aspect in BTP
o Role Collection
o Role Templates
o Role
• Using approuter to configure security

• Side by Side Extensibility
• In-App Extensibility
• Difference between SBS and In-app Extensibility
• Understanding Cloud SDK
• Use of Cloud SDK using Node.js
• Understanding Destination and Connectivity Services

• Understanding Repositories
o GitHub
o Bitbucket
• Understanding SCRUM Tool
o GIT Labs
• Understanding Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in SAP
• What is need of CI/CD
• CI/CD Services in SAP BTP
• Understanding Jenkins
• Use of Docker
• Pushing Code to Git Hub

• Difference between Authentication and Authorization
• Creating instance of XSUAA Service
• Understanding xs-security.json file
• Understanding IDP
• JWT and its use

• Understanding Roles, Role Templates, scope
• Understanding SAML Attributes configurations
• Understanding xs-security.json file, attributes reference and scope-refrences
• Roles configuration
• Checking apps health using cf commands

• Assigning roles at account, subaccount and Org level

  • Configuration in Identity Provider and Tenant
  • Risk Based authentication
  • Two-Factor authentication with SAP identity authentication
  • SAP BTP: New Cockpit Screens for User Management in the Global Account (Needed Detailed insights on this)
  • Troubleshooting for Authorization and Trust Management in the Cloud Foundry Environment
  • Roles and Attributes Are Filled into the XSUAA Configurationo XSUAA Configuration Is Completed and Publishedo Assembling Roles and Assigning Roles to Users
  • SAP custom domain service in SAP Discovery center
  • Examples of using connectivity between source and destination Use cases or Real time examples
  • Details on Cloud connectors
  • Connecting Cloud Applications to On-Premise Systems
  • Connecting On-Premise Database Tools to SAP HANA Databases
  • Use cases or Realtime examples or demo of connecting applications
  • Best Practices for SAP BTP – Setting up security and compliance model
  • SAP Cloud IAS (Detailed)
  • SAP Cloud IPS (Detailed)
  • SAP Cloud IAG (Overview)
  • Access Management in BTP security (More about the platform security functions such as granting access to applications for business systems or business users, managing authorizations, and other security function)
  • Overview of BTP Security landscape
  • Web Access
  • API Access
  • Risk and Compliance handling in SAP

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Course Projects

Developing Web application and Deploying it to Cloud Foundry

Create Web Application on Business Application Studio which stores vendor details and allows you to fetch, Delete, Update and create the vendor information. Deploy the application in cloud foundry.

Creating Employee Web Portal and deploying it to cloud foundry

Develop a Web Application that Stores employee information and allows you to add, delete, update the employee data, deploy this application in cloud foundry.

Implementing Single SignOn For all Interfaces connected to BTP

Use Identity Authentication Service to bridge different cloud environment and BTP interfaces to make sure authorized user can use single sign in to all BTP interfaces like on premise GRC System, S4 Hana system etc. using corporate id without using S- user Id

Course Certification

  • Get Started with SAP® BTP, SAP® Cloud Foundry and SAP® Kyma
  • Understand Architecture, Structure, Concepts and Usage of SAP® BTP, SAP® Cloud Foundry and SAP® Kyma
  • Getting Started with SAP® Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface(CF CLI)
  • Understand and work with Apps and Services Using CF CLI
  • Creating Services and Binding Apps in SAP® Cloud Foundry
  • SAP® Cloud MTA Build Tool
  • Creating Basic Deployment Files of Manifest.YAML and MTAR Files
  • Side-by-Side Apps Development and Lifecycle
  • Database Service and Consumption in App(PostgreSQL)
  • VCAP Environment Variables of Cloud Apps
  • SAP® Cloud Foundry XSUAA Service for App to Service Authentication
  • SAP® Cloud Foundry App to SAP® On-Premise Connectivity with and without Cloud Connector
  • SAP® BTP Destination, XSUAA, Connectivity Service and More

SAP Extension Suite, powering SAP Business Technology Platform, is the best path to rapidly build and enhance enterprise applications, processes, and experiences.

  1. Open SAP Cloud Connector.
  2. Connect your SAP BTP subaccount.
  3. Configure access control.
  4. Add resources.
  5. Create the design-time destination.
  6. Create the runtime destination.
  1. In the SAP BTP cockpit, navigate to the Cloud Foundry space that owns the tenant database you’d like to access using the SAP HANA cockpit. For more information, see Navigate to Orgs and Spaces.
  2. Choose SAP HANA Tenant Databases.
  3. From the Administration Tools section, select SAP HANA Cockpit.

SAP BTP provides both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)

As of March 2021, SAP states that BTP is the new name for SCP “SAP Cloud Platform” (see “Rebranding of SAP Cloud Platform, March 2021”. But it’s more than just a rebranding, according to (Michael Ameling 2020), because BTP comes with an enhanced scope.

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Certification Course Reviews

passport pic - Bhavya Nukala

Very interactive session, It was a very interesting session. There was a lot of stuff to learn, analyze and implement in our career. I want to give 10/10 to a mentor pool for their experts.

DSC_0489 copy - Shakti Annam

Very good,wonderful explanation by trainer, They did handsOn based on real time scenarios Improved my skills Highly recommended. The most important thing in training is hand-on and the training was 80- 85 % handson that's the plus point of Mentors Pool

img057 - sai chaitanya

Trainer explains each and every concept with perfect real time examples, which makes it really easy to understand. I gained more knowledge through him. The way of explaining is awesome.

IMG_20200925_132927 - Amarjeet Singh

The way the trainer explained to me is very interactive, he solved all my queries with perfect examples. Helped me in cracking the TCS interview. I am very grateful that I came across Mentors Pool

Certification Course FAQs

This course is specifically designed to help you clear the certification exam successfully. The comprehensive content of the course along with demonstration of practical scenarios & examples will make you understand each and every topic in great depth. Since the course structure has a special focus on certification, hence you will go through a lot of real-time case studies and study material during the training that will help you crack the certification exam.

We have a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who are experts in their fields. Our trainers are highly supportive and render a friendly learning environment to the students focusing on their career growth.

We provide server access for you to practice on and our trainers will ensure that you get practical real-time experience and training with all the utilities required for in-depth understanding of the course.

Yes, we don’t assure 100% placement assistance. We are tied up with some corporate companies so when they have a requirement we send your profiles to them.

You can call our customer care 24/7 to our support.

Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

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